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10' Adjustable Length Wheelchair Ramp - TWR-10

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We Are Sorry But This Product Has Been Discontinued.

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These versatile adjustable telescoping wheelchair ramps are the perfect solution for the wheelchair user on the go. These telescoping wheelchair ramps can be adjusted from 5 - 10' (66" to 120") to fit your loading situation. The TWR-10 can be adjusted to be a 6 foot ramp, 7 foot ramp, 8 foot ramp, 10 foot ramp, or anywhere in between! Lightest weight & most compact storage of any wheelchair ramps in their class!

These ramps come in two tracks for each set of wheels on a wheelchair or power chair and have a non-skid traction surface to prevent wheels from spinning. Also, each track ramp has a handle on it so it can be easily transported, and when fully closed they have a locking tab to prevent them from accidentally opening up during carrying or storage. These wheelchair ramps are extremely lightweight for their size due to an all aluminum body, which also means they will not rust or corrode and will last the test of time. These individual tracks offer the lightest weight and most compact storage of any ramp in their length class. The 2.5 inch long attaching lip has a rubber pad to prevent slipping of the track ramp and will fit on almost any flat surface including steps, porches, side doors on an SUV/minivan, curbs, and more. Take some time to click on our pictures below to enlarge the image so that you can really see the quality of these wheelchair ramps. YOU WILL NOT FIND BETTER VALUE ON QUALITY FULL SIZE WHEELCHAIR TRACK RAMPS as we offer on these telescoping wheelchair ramps.

Not recommended for 6 wheel power chairs or 3 wheel scooters 

  • Adjustable up to 10'
  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • Built in handles for convenient carrying
  • Non-skid traction surface prevents wheels from spinning
  • Telescoping design allows for use in many different loading situations
  • Side ramp curbs keep wheelchairs on track
  • Full plate lip for increased surface contact
  • Rubber pad under the ramp lip prevents scuffing loading surfaces and provides extra grip
  • 1 year warranty

Maximum Length: 10 Feet Long
Useable Lengths: From 5.5' to 10 Feet
Ramp Weight: 23 lbs Per Track (46 Total)
Storage Size: 66"x10"x1-5/8"
Useable Width: 7.5"
Outside Width: 10"
Weight Capacity: 600lbs Total (300lbs Per Track)
Uses: Curbs,1-4 Steps,Mini-Vans,Full Size Vans

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