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Hitch Adapters for hitch mounted racks and carriers raise, lower or extend hitch mounted products. Designed to work with existing receiver hitches and utility hitch mounted products, these hitch adapters help to meet a variety of towing needs.

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Converts 2" Class III/IV hitch receivers to 1-1/4" Class I/II, great for bicycle racks, towing applications, cargo carriers and more!


4" hitch extension tube for 2" receiver


6" hitch extension tube for 1 1/4" receiver hitch


8" hitch extension tube for 2" receiver


5/8" Anti-Rattle Hitch Pin - For 2" Class III & IV hitches


Extend a hitch receiver to provide extra clearance where needed.

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Adapt a 2-1/2" receiver to 2" with this Hitch Adapter Sleeve from Curt.

Drop/Rise Hitch Adapter - 1 1/4 Hitch - DRH-2

1-1/4" to 2" Hitch Riser Adapter for 1-1/4" receiver hitches

Drop/Rise Hitch Adapter - 2 Inch Hitch - DRH-3

Hitch Drop / Riser for Class III, IV & IV receiver hitches

Dual Receiver Hitch Extender - DRH-1

The 2" hitch receiver extension allows for the hitch to be used for two purposes at the same time


Eliminates free play and wobble for ball mounts, cargo carriers, bike racks, motorcycle carriers, and any other hitch mounted products.


Trailer Hitch Step Bar - Polished stainless steel hitch mounted step bar.

Trailer Hitch Adapter - HE-2-3

Steel receiver hitch adapter converts a 1-1/4" hitch receiver to a 2" receiver while extending the hitch 6-1/4".

HE-3-3 Trailer Hitch Extender

2" to 2" hitch receiver extension lengthens a hitch an additional 8-3/8" to an existing Class III or IV receiver tube.

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Anti-Rattle Locking Hitch Pin - The anti-rattle locking hitch pin is designed for extra large 2.5" hitches

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