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The Underseat scooter, powerchair, and wheelchair bags are ideal solutions to store all of your material objects. The wheel chair bags are made of high grade material and are very easy to use.These Underseat powerchair, scooter, and wheelchair bags are ideal for anyone looking to maximize the amount of items they can store under their seat. They are an easy and affordable solution to keep all of your items stored out of the way under your wheelchair, scooter, or powerchair. Each one is an outstanding wheel chair bag that does not require any modifications to your scooter, powerchair, or wheelchair to fit correctly.
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Large Wheelchair Glove Box - B3223

Stay Organized with a Large Wheelchair Glove Box - 12" wide x 5" long x 9" deep


Stay Organized with a Small Wheelchair Glove Box - 9" wide x 5" long x 3" deep

Wheelchair Cargo Bag - B3312

Stay Organized with a Wheelchair Cargo Bag - 15" wide x 16" deep

Wheelchair Front Cargo Bag - B3311

Stay Organized with a Down In Front Wheelchair Bag - 11" wide x 6" long x 3" deep

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